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We will attend
the ToyFair NY

We will attend
the ToyFair NY

We will attend
the ToyFair NY

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About us

Marti Doll Accessories manufactures and exports doll accessories and clothing. It is a one-stop shop providing services in sewing, sampling, manufacturing, packaging and exporting to corporate businesses, distributors and wholesalers. Our wide product range includes clothes, accessories, and packaging.

Our factory is located in Manizales, Colombia, making communication with the United States, Canada and Europe easier and faster than Asian countries. We have over 30 experienced workers and are fitted with the best equipment.

Our MOQ is flexible according to the needs of our clients.

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We also provide export services. Our negotiations are in DDP INCOTERM and we always ship via air, with vast experience exporting to several countries.We also have excellent logistics partners.

The Growing

Know more about our growing during the time , with this videos, here we show you some growing

moments, and our older locations. welcome to MARTIDOLL World. 

Our Actual location

200 Square m
28 employees
23 Machines
5 Special Machines.

102.000 Complete Outfits per year capability


Our Old location

110 Square m
14 employees
12 Machines
2 Special Machines.
58.000 Complete Outfits per year capability

Next Video of our old location


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