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Know Our Process

We work with our customers beginning from the conceptual stage. David Valencia, as CEO of the company, is completely integrated within the design team to improve new developments for our clients.

He has a degree in Industrial Design as well as a Master’s in Merchandising and Value of Goods. This advantage will save time and money for your business, eradicating the need to revampt designs at a later stage.


We also provide a wide variety of materials for you to select within product development.


With our tool BRX DRIVE , our clients can see in real time the status of their orders.

the cutting process, the acquisition of raw materials , the sampling stage , production , quality and shipping. This makes easier the checking from our clients in all stages. Each client has one exclusive BRX DRIVE.

BRX Means ´Bridge´ - this tool is a bridge between your need to know what is happening with your Purchases Orders and our desire in telling you day by day our advances in the current orders.

Also you can see all the shippings vs payments , tracking numbers and quantity of items shipped. this tool is very organize and helpful for the financial team.

Quality Control

Our quality reports minute by minute

At MARTIDOLL SAS , we make Quality Control to each single productions, we use a military measurement table to minimum the 80% of all the garments from each PO. Also we put all this records in the BRX DRIVE.

To know more about our quality control please Click Here.

Tracking Information

Each Item and reference

All tracking - payment or deposit 

is registered here day by day. 

Our system is integrated to our

team process, then all days the information is updated.

Each item is easily located and 

track. price , status and quality report is available . also the TECHPACK. 

Quality Control


Quality for us is the important subject in our core.

we know how important is this stage in all of our clients goals. 

That is why we spend a big time part of the process making quality control , in the process of know one by one the item from our clients we improve the quality control with the standard for each client. we understand that the target points are not the same for all clients. 

Photos of process

Average and rejected items

In all the resume of QC we took photos showing our clients the measurements and how we are doing it.

at MARTIDOLL we compute all the information for quality control and we explain each rejected goods. 

BRX Drive tool

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