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We develop and produce all the ideas that our clients has on mind , also we can develop some new ideas and projects for our partners, the fabrics we use are very carefully selected to take maximum advance for the designs we are doing and always looking the quality and comitment as our principal values. we are able to produce all sizes doll clothes.

For the clothing service we count with personal suitable to support our work with the correct tools and design platforms.

We have the fortune to count with some great supliers for the fabrics and for the clothing  accessories trims.

All of them with origin certification that is so important in this industry.

We don´t have line products becouse our productions are exclusive for each client.

Always our productions came with the interior labels and packing and some diferent and special trims if our clients requires.

Leather and Fabric Accessories

We are experts on leather accessories , super exclusive designs and develops. 

For this leather accessories we are able to design and produce bags , dollcases , handbags, belts and other girl-Doll matching accessories like bracelets and belts.

The leather that we use is 100% high quality leather made by hand in our ´Taller del Cuero´ ( Letaher workshop). 

Fabric cases and doll accessories. are made in high materials and with excelent quality.

Take your company and accessories to the next level. 

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