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Core Work

Marti Doll Accessories, manufactures and exports doll accessories and clothing. is a one-stop shop providing services in sewing, sampling manufacturing, packaging and exporting to corporate business, distributors and wholesalers. Our wide product range includes clothes, accessories, and packings.

Sourcing and Sampling

With our long-term business relationship and networking with our suppliers, we can provide you the best choices of materials and products at competitive prices on a timely fashion. Also, we can get involved in packing design and special campaigns.

Exporting / Product distribution

We also provide services in exporting, Our negotiations are in DDP INCOTERM and always we use air shipping’s, we have a great experience exporting to several countries.We have an excelet partner, FedEx 82% Off fee.

Product Develpment

We work with our customers from the conceptual stage, David Valencia Angel as CEO of this company is completely integrated with the design team to improve new develops for our clients, he has degree as Industrial Designer and Magister in Merchandising and value of goods. This will turn out to save time from revamping the designs at a later stage. We also provide a wide variety of materials for you to select for product development.

Manofacturing Facilities

Our factory is located in Manizales, Colombia, that make the communication with countries like United States and Canada easier and faster than Asians countries. We have over 30 experienced workers and are equipped with the best equipment.

Our MOQ are flexible according to the needs of our clients. 

We know that is very important the trust in this bussiness , that is why our CEO travel and visit our clients around the world , since we have consider time working with them.

Factory Information

Units Produced (Previous Year)

Highest Ever  Annual Output

Total Revenue(%)

Main Markets Gobal %

13 inch doll clothes

18 inch doll clothes

20 inch doll clothes

52300 units 

73000 units 

North America

10300 units

19000 units

Europe  East and west

8300 units

9000 units

Africa (south Africa)




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